There are plenty of dark cavernous rooms and candle-lit scenes to work with. It’s by no accident that the three Shamans/Ghosts are played by an old man, a young man and a woman – reference to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – the trinity. No Name appears sporadically but seeing her in the background could have been utilized better to create a more sinister vibe. Six years in the making, with such attention to detail, perfect casting (kudos to the freakishly brilliant child actor), spellbinding background score and sound editing, jaw-droppingly good cinematography (which makes even death look beautiful), and crisp editing, Na Hong-Jin has made one of the best horror movies of 21st century, one that truly evokes horror even in the mind of a non-believer. If there is, would he be always good?” – this is important in order to understand the film. Both are shown to be scared of Moo-myeong. Moo-myeong is a direct reference to South Korea’s current president, Park Geun-hye, who has strong links to shamanism through the Eternal Life Church and her advisor Choi Soon-sil, the instigator of the latest scandal that has led to her impeachment trial. Who ever wrote this movies feedback have a boring way of expressing thoughts... using *silly* words as well... Plus, don’t said you are explaining about the film. The film was essentially born in the editing room, with the director cutting out chunks which might have made the story clearer, thus allowing multiple interpretations. Just like the shot of the corpse hanging from a tree, in the middle of the road. The lead in Welcome to Mercy gets stigmata and she in fact I’m not touched by God. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Stories linking a Japanese man living in the mountains of the village begin to circulate and occurrences of others with the same rash followed by more murderous scenes begin to mount. Ah, and that score) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The camera is supposed to represent capturing of souls; many old faiths have this superstition towards photographs being taken. ( Log Out /  Or the scene where the devil quotes Jesus. The Wailing does also include themes on Buddhism and Korean Shamanism too. Showing all 4 items Jump to: Summaries (3) Synopsis (1) Summaries. [Though I have to say, I don’t think the devil scene is supposed to be taken literally. No matter how many times one re-watches the film and studies the scenes, there just isn’t enough information for one to firmly assert a singular conclusion. He was not innocent. I've recently discovered Asian horror films. As The Wailing moves toward suggesting the omnipresence of supernatural forces—good and evil—coursing through the villagers’ lives, shaping their fates, it also implicates the merely human. Let’s examine few of the major interpretations of good and evil in the film. People live in paper-thin houses begging for someone to smash through them. So complex this film. She can tempt, test, curse, punish and reward whoever she likes. © 2017 Mother of Movies and Series Reviews. The film is never this certain; Na Hong-jin never makes anything so clear. Has No Name got something to do with it all? When unfathomable, inexplicable things happen to your loved ones, how do you make sense of it, and how do you cope with it? Though the film revolves around random violent deeds committed by various individuals, it’s interesting to note that all the violence happens offscreen; Na is more interested in the motivations, consequences and moral dilemmas. This short character break-down is the easiest way to understand what happened at a base level. iv) All three are powerful ghosts in their own right (a blend of God and Devil). – The answer to this would depend on the person’s experiences and religious belief, just like a specific omen can mean conflicting things to people from differing religions/beliefs. Even with crazy things happening around, the humour balances things off and eases us into the environment. Mother of Movies and Series Reviews (author) from Moreton Bay, Queensland on October 19, 2017: He does a little. ANALYSIS/INTERPRETATION (Not Review) – Understanding ‘The Wailing’. Movie still for The Wailing, I have no idea what kind of person you are to watch my film. I sincerely wish this film gives you some time for condolenc, — Na Hong-jin, Director and writer during an interview with Nikola Grozdanovic. She was protecting Jong-goo’s family all along, but once Jong-goo sinned (by committing murder), she wasn’t able to help him explicitly. After they "killed" him the damage was done, but they were offered redemption through putting their faith in 'god' or the woman. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and be the first to know whenever we publish a new article! The swear-words raining out of his mouth in just about every scenario were wonderful. Which should he trust? I found this scene humorous at the time and I think that was the intention. Il-Gwang is shown to drive on the left side of the road (like that of Japan, not South Korea). It may be that much harder to accept that characters behave in an unbelievable way throughout "The Wailing," especially when faced with perils as dire as a seemingly possessed/heavily afflicted child, and a … This short character break-down is the easiest way to understand what happened at a base level.

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