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Semi Bluffing in Poker

If you have been playing poker for a while, and even if you have not been, then you are familiar with the bluff for sure, it is a very famous action in a game of poker. It is, of course, an act of delusion meant to bring over to your opponents that your hand is […]

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Poker Player Types

As every other game, poker also has its own rules and strategies. If you want to be lucky in this game you should know them. But if you want to have a total success, you should know the main types of players in the game of poker. Knowing your opponents and the way they will

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Aggressive Poker Players

Poker is a great card game, which can bring you fun and money. There are a lot of examples for poker players, who become famous because of their perfect playing technique. Since poker can be played online, it is more easier for everyone to become a good poker player.

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Tight Poker Players

Poker is a game of knowledge and skills. When you start playing this game you will see that if you have the perfect erudition on poker rules, strategy and tips you will be a notable player. Through the process of gambling you will realize that you should learn some extra

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Men vs Women Poker Players

In the past, poker was best known as a men’s game. But as a lot of things have changed in 21 century, this fact has changed too. In almost all big tournaments there are women, who play next to the most famous male players. As we talk about the sexism in poker, we

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Loose Poker Players

Loose poker players are aggressive poker players. A loose player takes a lot of risks in chase of the big rewards. They play a lot of hands and are less likely to fold when challenged by other gamblers. The category of Loose Player consists of two sub-categories. First of

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